TIM covers 3 thousand municipalities with NB-IoT Internet of Things network | Telecommunications

THE TIM expanded coverage NB-IoT (narrowband IoT) to more than 3 thousand municipalities, including all Brazilian capitals. The technology is aimed at Internet of Things solutions; the operator intends to partner with public and private companies to connect cities and agribusiness.

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The operator allocates a 25 kHz band to the NB-IoT; the technology allows 40% more coverage than a traditional mobile network.

The focus is not speed, but availability for low data exchange with static devices, such as agricultural sensors, energy meters, water, gas and sewage. When it is necessary to have greater mobility, as in vehicle trackers and card machines, the ideal is to use LTE-M.

Until then, TIM’s NB-IoT coverage was restricted to a few cities, such as Santa Rita do Sapucaí (MG), in a network implemented in partnership with Ericsson and Inatel.

THE Live it also works with IoT networks: coverage in both LTE-M and NB-IoT is present in more than 400 municipalities, including six capitals. The competitor intends to expand IoT networks to all places where it already operates with 4G.

Tecnocast 009 – The internet of things

The internet has gone through the era of computers and people (social networks, e-commerce, etc.), but now it will be “used” by objects. They were designed to understand our behavior, communicate with each other through the network and thus facilitate our daily lives.

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