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THE TIM wants to migrate customer service to digital channels, in order to gradually replace calls to the call center: who is a post-paid customer or control can receive invoice via WhatsApp, with a message stating the amount, due date and barcode. And who has a prepaid line or TIM Betapode can recharge credits through the application.

TIM and iPhone 7 Plus (Photo by Erbs Jr)

To use this feature, it is necessary to add contact 41-4141-4141 to WhatsApp. Then, just send the word “invoice” and you will receive the account in PDF format; the file will be protected with a password, which is the first four digits of the CPF.

The operator also sends the barcode in a separate message, so you can copy it and use it in the bank’s application for payment; in this case, it is not even necessary to open the invoice. The feature is not yet available for corporate customers, TIM Black Família and TIM Fixo.

TIM allows prepaid recharge via WhatsApp

If you have a TIM Pré or TIM Beta line and send the command “invoice”, the bot will answer the following: “I saw here that your current plan does not generate invoices. To access your last 6 invoices from the previous plan, access Meu TIM ”.

In this case, it will be possible to insert credits by sending the command “recharge”; or know the current value on your line with the word “balance”. Payment is made via credit card.

TIM was the first operator in Brazil to use WhatsApp Business as a service channel. It has been testing invoice shipping through the app since last year, but this now appears to have been expanded to all customers.

TIM’s goal is that by 2020, contacts via digital channels will exceed 80% of the total, replacing calls to the SAC. In the second quarter of 2018, the number of customers who sought service through the Meu TIM application and the website increased 62% compared to the same period in 2017. Meanwhile, interactions via the call center fell 6% in one year.

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