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TikTok has become popular with its short videos and explains that the secret is the positive environment it manages to offer to users. The social network says that even the ads must meet their standards and therefore decided to ban any political advertising.

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The company said the political ads are not suited to the experience it intends to offer its users. In the announcement, TikTok’s vice president of global business solutions, Blake Chandlee, indicated that the restriction will be severe.

“We will not allow paid advertisements that promote or oppose a candidate, current leader, political party or group or issue at the federal, state or local levels – including election-related announcements, supportive announcements or cause announcements,” he said.

Part of TikTok’s revenue comes from advertisements, served by the feed or by brand-sponsored hashtags. Ads linked to other topics will still be allowed by the social network, which recently launched a section for brands to connect with influencers.

According to Chandlee, the focus is on creating a genuine and fun experience for users. “We intend to always remain faithful to the reason why users love the TikTok platform: the irreverent and cheerful feeling of the application, which makes it a fun place to spend time,” he said.

The ban on political ads occurs after reporting by The Guardian show how the social network censors videos that displease the Chinese government. It was aired after suspicions that videos shared about the protests in Hong Kong were removed by the service for political reasons.

According to the article, the orientation for moderators was to prevent the free circulation of videos that may displease the government. In response, TikTok said that this approach was not the most correct, but said that the guidelines were updated in May.

Now, the company says it maintains local moderation teams, who follow their own understanding for each market. The idea, according to the company, is to maintain the regionalized approach in all sectors, from the product team to the development of new policies.

With information: TikTok, TechCrunch.

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