TikTok is considering suing the US government after a ban order | Business

TikTok wants to sue the US government after the executive order determining its ban in the United States from September 20. The company is expected to file a federal lawsuit on Tuesday (11) through the California District Court, where its U.S. headquarters is located, to challenge the measure taken by Donald Trump.

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According to NPR, who published the information, TikTok will claim that the decision is unconstitutional because there was no room for defense. The company also intends to argue that the American government has not offered objective evidence to prove that the social network of short videos is a risk to national security and the privacy of users.

The company does not officially comment on the possible dispute, but says that the executive order did not respect due process. “The text of the decision makes it clear that it was based on unidentified ‘reports’ without quotes, fears that the app ‘could’ be used for disinformation campaigns without proof for such, and concerns about data collection which is the standard of industry for thousands of applications worldwide, ”says TikTok to the NPR.

The White House also avoids commenting on how it will act if the lawsuit is opened, but again pointed to the alleged risks that the platform offers. “The government is committed to protecting the American people from all cyber threats to critical infrastructure, public health and safety, and our economic and national security,” the statement said.

The order published on Thursday (6) prevents as of September 20, “any transaction” with ByteDance, owner of TikTok, “by any person or in connection with any property subject to US jurisdiction”. US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross will be responsible for specifying these transactions. If the measure goes into effect, it is possible to expect that Google and Apple, for example, will be forced to remove the application from their stores.

Trump has already indicated that TikTok may cease to be the target of government actions if it is sold to a “big”, “safe” and “very American” company. Microsoft is one of those interested in the business and already considers taking control of the Chinese social network worldwide, leaving only the Chinese version Douyin with ByteDance.

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