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Instagram allows you to communicate in the feed, Stories and Direct. Now, the social network has launched Threads, an application for you to interact with your best friends. It was being tested at least since August and started to be released on Thursday (3) for Android and iOS.

Instagram Threads

Threads offers a space to share photos, videos, messages and Stories with those on your list of best friends, a resource created in 2018. The idea is to show updates from people who really matter, not those you follow, but are not so close.

With the new app, Instagram further encourages the publication of stories. Whenever it is opened, Threads activates the camera so you can quickly share photos and videos with your best friends.

The app allows you to create shortcuts for up to eight friends that will be highlighted to you while the camera is open. When selecting one, it is possible to take a photo or record a video that can then be sent to them by Direct.

Remember that Threads has its own Direct area, dedicated to this group of close people. Conversations are still available on Instagram, but the new app will centralize those you consider most important.

By dragging a conversation to the right, the app removes the person from your list of best friends. When dragging to the left, he opens the camera to send a photo to the person.

The application also has a feature for you to indicate what you are doing. The Status, as they were called, offer suggestions such as “Studying” and “Eating”, but they also allow you to personalize with words like “Procrastinating”.

There is also an Automatic Status option, which uses your cell phone’s sensors to share your situation. It uses GPS to show you when you are at home or at the gym and the accelerometer to tell you that you are running or cycling, for example.

The application allows you to create groups of best friends and even classify them as hidden. Thinking about the look, it offers five themes with varied colors, including a dark mode.

Before using Threads, here’s how to create a list of Instagram best friends. You can also define the group of people nearby when you start configuring the application.

Instagram Threads

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