These are the original productions that Apple TV + will have in its debut

Apple TV + will be launched on November 1st at an aggressive price: US $ 4.99 per month in the United States or R $ 9.90 per month in Brazil. The initial collection will be quite limited, but promises to instigate those who are eager for a good series or film: nine original productions will be made available on the first day of service.

See - Apple TV +

Of this total, two series Apple makes a point of highlighting: The Morning Show, with Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell and Reese Witherspoon; and See, with Jason Momoa. The company is estimated to have disbursed about $ 15 million per episode for the production of the two series.

Such large amounts are a clear sign that Apple wants, in the initial phase, both productions to be the face of its streaming platform: in the same way that we associate Stranger Things to Netflix and American Gods to Amazon Prime Video, for example, we should think about Apple TV + when there are references to the two new series.

In The Morning Show, the plot begins with Alex Levy (Aniston), a presenter on a morning TV show, having to reveal that, after 15 working alongside Mitch Kessler (Carell), his colleague was fired on charges of sexual harassment.

According to Apple, the series seeks to explore “the world of morning news, as well as the ego, ambition and misguided quest for power behind the people who help the United States wake up early.” Two seasons with 10 episodes each have already been confirmed.

Already See it takes place in a future where almost all of humanity was wiped out by a virus and those who survived cannot see. The plot revolves around Baba Voss (Momoa), a warrior who does everything to protect his tribe and his twin sons: both were born with the gift of seeing and, therefore, are persecuted.

The other original productions prepared for the premiere are these:

  • Dickinson it is a dark and comic series that explores social expectations, family and other issues through the eyes of a world-renowned poet;
  • For All Mankind it is a series that tells what could have happened if the global space race had never ended;
  • Helpsters is a children’s program derived from Sesame Street;
  • Snoopy in Space is an animated series that tells the adventures of Snoopy and Woodstock as astronauts;
  • Ghostwriter it is the reboot of a series from the 1990s that tells the story of four children investigating a mysterious ghost in a bookstore;
  • The Elephant Queen it is a documentary that accompanies an elephant matriarch;
  • Oprah Winfrey is a program with which the renowned American host talks with great writers to create a kind of book club.

Snoopy in Space

If that will be enough for a debut in style, just watching to know. Anyway, Apple stresses that this is just the beginning. Among the productions that will be released in the coming months are Servant, Truth Be Told, Little America, The Banker and Hala.

Some series should have all episodes released at once, but most will premiere with only the first three chapters available. After that, Apple will release one episode a week.

The company has already said that the Apple TV + focus is on quality, not quantity. In any case, the plan here is to invest US $ 6 billion in original productions alone. The platform is expected to help the company earn $ 50 billion in 2020 from services alone.

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