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The standard 8K Ultra HD now has an official seal that will be printed on TVs compatible with the highest resolution. Televisions must follow certain recommendations to be considered 8K, such as a minimum amount of pixels, support for resolution conversion and the ability to transmit at 60 frames per second.

Samsung QLED 8K Q900

The seal and recommendations were defined Consumer Technology Association (CTA). They are voluntarily adopted by manufacturers and should not make much difference in your life, but they can be the focus of controversy between companies.

LG, at the time of 4K, adopted the RGBW standard (with white subpixel) in some of its televisions, which reduced the total amount of complete pixels (with the trio of red, green and blue colors) to less than 8 million defined in the 4K Ultra HD standard. This was extensively explored by competitors, such as Samsung, with the 4K campaign for real.

8K Ultra HD TV

In the new standard, TVs will be able to stamp CTA’s 8K Ultra HD seal from January 1, 2020 if they meet the following characteristics:

  • At least 33 million active pixels, with at least 7680 horizontal lines and 4320 vertical lines in 16: 9 ratio;
  • One or more HDMI inputs supporting 7680 × 4320 pixel resolution, 10-bit color depth, rates of 24, 30 and 60 frames per second, colorimetry and HDR features according to specification BT.2100 and protection of HDCP 2.2 or equivalent content;
  • Upscaling capability of SD, HD and 4K videos for playback in 8K resolution;
  • Ability to receive images 8K 10-bit and rendering an image that shows responsiveness to changes in any of the 10 bits.

The first 8K TVs arrived in Brazil and are quite expensive: the Samsung Q900R has been available since April with prices of R $ 24,999 (65 inches), R $ 38,999 (75 inches) and R $ 89,999 (82 inches). TCL will sell the X10S in Brazil with a less salty value, but still out of the reality of the average Brazilian: R $ 22,999 in 75 inches.

So don’t expect them to be popular anywhere in the world for now: in 2019, the expectation is that only 175,000 8K TVs will be sold globally.

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