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THE Sony and the Naughty Dog released the last video with details about The Last of Us Part II before its launch: companies explain what the new locations, factions and threats Ellie will have to face. The new game is pre-sold and comes to Playstation 4 on June 19th.

The Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part II has two factions

Naughty Dog’s developers claim that the ambience of The Last of Us Part II gives the player a sense of urgency: you will not always have enough ammunition to face an enemy, and you will not always have time to apply a bandage on your arm, for example.

Halley Gross, head of narrative at Naughty Dog, says in the video: “You can never take a deep breath, and we want you to be aligned with Ellie, who cannot take a deep breath after experiencing this trauma.”

The city of Jackson reflects a close-knit community that tries to get on with life after the contagion. This is already different in Seattle, which resembles a war zone: there, the Washington Liberation Front (which defeated the US army) and Seraphites (religious group that wants to start the world from scratch) will create obstacles for Ellie, as well like people infected by the fungus.

Check out more details of The Last of Us Part II in the video below:

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