Tesla updates car software with YouTube, Netflix, Spotify and more

Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Spotify and even the game Cuphead. It looks like we’re talking about a package of apps for smartphones or TVs, but no: these are some of the features that Forehead just released in a software update for cars Model S, Model X and Model 3.

Tesla - software update

Simply called Software Version 10.0, the update has already started to be released to Tesla customers in the United States and, little by little, will be made available in other countries.

The first feature set of the new software is Tesla Theater. It allows the user to access platforms such as Netflix, YouTube and Hulu on the screen positioned in the central part of the car’s dashboard. For Chinese users, the package will include iQiyi and Tencent services.

Video services can only be accessed when the car is stopped. But Spotify Premium is another novelty and can work with the vehicle stopped or moving. The service probably occupies the role of protagonist of the update: Tesla suggests that compatibility with the audio service was one of the features most requested by customers.

Tesla Model 3 (image: publicity)

Tesla Model 3

With this package, Tesla fulfills the promise made by Elon Musk in June and July to provide streaming services for the brand’s vehicles. But the update is not limited to that. Another novelty is in the Tesla Arcade package, which takes the game Cuphead for the vehicle dashboard.

A karaoke mode was also included, as well as the “I’m feeling lucky” and “I’m hungry” buttons. With them, the vehicle’s software will suggest geographically close restaurants and points of interest.

Smart Summon also deserves mention: this feature allows the user to call the car by application. With that, the vehicle will leave the place where it is parked and go to the point where the user waits for him, as long as he is close by.

Only Smart Summon has some restrictions. The feature is only available to customers whose vehicles have the full autonomous driving function activated (it is a package that starts at US $ 5,000). In addition, this novelty should be made available only in some regions due to legislation limitations.

The update is being released automatically, so the user does not need to do anything to obtain it, other than ensuring that his Tesla is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

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