Tesla car completes orbit around the Sun | Science

Starman, the name of the passenger on a Tesla Roadster that wanders through space, has completed an orbit around the Sun. While it took us 365 days to do this, the red car has been on this route since February last year, marking 557 days for the complete lap.

Tesla Roadster in space

Tesla hitchhiked Earth with Falcon Heavy on its inaugural mission, a SpaceX rocket that has the same owner as the all-electric vehicle maker who created this car: Elon Musk. After 557 days, the convertible has completed a complete orbit around the Sun and the time and distance are counted on the website Where is Roadster, which tracks Starman’s adventure in real time.

In addition to wandering through the darkness of space and having already passed Mars, the website states that the Tesla moves away from the Sun at a speed of 1,850 km / h and that the distance traveled is long enough to walk on all the highways on Earth for almost 34 times. At the time of publication of this article, the vehicle is on the opposite side of the Sun and cannot be seen from our planet.

Starman will be close to Earth next year, on November 5th. After that date, the proximity will only happen again in 2047, 17 years after the United States forecast to have taken humans to visit Mars – scheduled to happen from 2030.

The name Starman is also from a song by David Bowie and the website states that if he only listened to the song Space Oddity, who is also from the same singer and also talks about space exploration, the mannequin would have listened to the music almost 152 thousand times.

With information: Where is Roadster.

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