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Would you like to implant a chip that connects the human brain to computers? It’s Elon Musk’s plan, which gave details about the Neuralink chip – everything is still in development, of course. This and other discussions were highlighted in the Community of Tecnoblog this week, between August 28 and September 4.

tb community 33

Top 5 TB Community Discussions

  1. This new 200 reais bill is wrong in many ways
  2. Technology channel recommendations on YouTube
  3. Would you buy a cell phone just because of 5G?
  4. Wait for Brazil Week?
  5. What older products do you have and still use?

The staff of Community did not like the new 200 reais bill. Colors, size – the same as the 20 reais bill -, proportion… let’s face it, these things really weren’t there. 😛

They also raised a question about 5G phones – would you buy a smartphone just for this technology? Most users commented that not today, as it will take a while for 5G to reach several places in Brazil. Maybe in the future?

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G

One more question, this time from Luciene: wait or not for Brazil Week to shop? Difficult to answer. Users agreed that if the desired product was already priced well or on sale, it was better to buy it all at once. Brazil Week, for those who don’t know, is a period of offers organized by the Government, with the intention of being the “Brazilian Black Friday”.

The 5 best discussions on Tecnoblog guidelines

  1. Elon Musk reveals Neuralink chip that connects brain to computers
  2. Tecnoblog Purchasing Assistant is now Price Watch
  3. Bolsonaro says: “I am the one who will decide 5G, not a third party”
  4. Amazon announces its largest distribution center in Brazil so far
  5. Nubank opens pre-registration of PIX keys for transfers

Elon Musk, creator of Tesla and SpaceX, has returned to the subject … but this time with Neuralink. In the long awaited live on August 28, he revealed the first details of the chip that intends to connect the human brain to computers. Toparia? 👀

neuralink chip

And stay tuned – Tecnoblog’s Purchasing Assistant has changed his name (and face)! We officially joined the Price Watch, available on Android, iOS and Chrome. We also have a new feature: it is now possible to compare not only product prices, but also freight and cashback.

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