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We have reached the end of another week in this technological world. This week was marked by the clashes between Epic Games x Google and Apple. In our Community we had a lot of discussion about privacy on the network, Amazon Prime and device indications.

TB Community 30

Top 5 TB Community Discussions

  1. [PRIVACIDADE] How much do you care about your data on the web?
  2. How does Amazon profit from Amazon Prime?
  3. Low cost handset indication
  4. Help: Notebook suggestion
  5. Sleeping Listening to Music, does it help you sleep better? Is it good or does it get in the way?

One of the biggest discussions in the Community this week was about privacy and how much you expose your data on the network to companies like Google and Facebook. There were also comments on using VPN to browse without being tracked and to control your data exposure. We had many mixed opinions on the subject.

Another well-commented topic was about how Amazon manages to profit from its Amazon Prime. Paulo Higa entered the discussion and showed an interesting point of view on the subject.

To close, we had a good interaction between the members of our Community giving indications to those looking for good headphones, but have low budgets. In addition, we’ve seen a lot of people helping people find a notebook with good specifications within their budget.

The 5 best discussions on Tecnoblog guidelines

  1. Prepear is sued by Apple for using fruit in logo
  2. Nubank tests Planned Redemption with yield above 100% of CDI
  3. Google Play also bans Fortnite for Android after Epic dispute
  4. Huawei to stop Kirin chip production by U.S. sanctions
  5. Central Bank institutes PIX, payment system that arrives in November

Among the news, we had a week of clashes between companies. Apple sued Prepear, a startup focused on culinary content, for saying that the company’s logo could cause consumers to confuse the two companies. Well, the image with the company logos is down there, draw your conclusions.

apple prepear logo action

We also had other clashes involving Epic Games, creator of Fortnite that started a dispute against Apple and Google, after creating a way for players to buy in-game content at a discount, avoiding the companies charging a 30% fee on conventional transactions .

The conflict led to the banning of Fortnite from the Play Store and also from the App Store. This conflict was affectionately by the Tecnoblog team as “Treta Épica”.

That’s it folks, stay tuned on Tecnoblog, participate in our Community and see you next week!

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