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Barbosa Supermercado is more than a market. Besides being super, it has its own mobile operator. It was one of the gems that one of our members in the Community found and shared with the class. Twitter hacked, Watch Dogs 2, new tax on electronic commerce and other subjects in the highlights of the Community of Tecnoblog this week, between the 10th and 17th of July.

Tecnoblog community, best discussions of the week 26

Top 5 TB Community Discussions

  1. Barbosa Supermercado is another random company that has an MVNO (!)
  2. Which browser are they using?
  3. What apps do you use and recommend on Android? Free / Paid
  4. Is it safer to use TOR or free VPN?
  5. Rescue of Watch Dogs 2 on Uplay; game does not appear in the account

“I’m going to the supermarket to buy a chip from the … supermarket”. Well, virtual operators are out there to embrace a specific audience, with proposals that are sometimes not offered by major operators.

The so-called MVNO is an alternative to focus on specific needs, many of which we go unnoticed. The most recent is Intercel, from Banco Inter. Recently, they offered double bonus promotions.

Intercel, virtual operator (MVNO) of Banco Inter

If you are looking for a new application to install, I suggest looking at this topic on the recommendations of Community, has a HUGE list of suggestions. I bet some item you don’t know yet and who knows may not work for what you need …

“People don’t know what they want, until we show them” (Jobs, Steve).

The 5 best discussions on Tecnoblog guidelines

  1. Motorola Edge +: is the best of the brand enough?
  2. Government should create e-commerce tax
  3. Twitter hacked: famous accounts publish bitcoin fraud
  4. Facebook classifies post denying global warming as “opinion”
  5. Twitter says hacker used internal tool in unprecedented attack

E-commerce may have a new tax: in an interview with Jovem Pan radio, Economy Minister Paulo Guedes expressed interest in creating a 0.2% tax for electronic payments. According to him, this would make it possible to reduce charges in other areas. The proposal should be submitted after the tax reform project, promised since 2019.

Yucel Moran / Twitter hacked / Unsplash

On Wednesday (15), Twitter received one of the biggest hacker attacks in the history of the social network. Several profiles of verified personalities and companies, such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Apple, Kanye West and others have published fraud tweets involving bitcoin transfers, with the promise to double the amount.

The invasion took time to resolve. It took Twitter to stop any verified profile from creating a tweet on the network. More than R $ 633 thousand were transferred to the currency wallet until 7:37 pm on Wednesday night.

The company said some of the company’s employees were the target of a social engineering scam, allowing the hacker to have access to an administrative tool on the platform to gain access to the affected accounts.

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