TB Community # 022: 4K TV, email app, WhatsApp, Post Office and more

If you were to choose between a Full-HD TV and a 4K TV, which one would you pick? Of course, price matters, but thinking about useful life, with content available and the 8K getting closer, it doesn’t make sense to invest in a lower resolution model. This was one of the main discussions at Community of Tecnoblog this week, between the 12th and the 19th of June.

Tecnoblog Community, week 22

Payments via WhatsApp, Correios, old hardware and software, e-mail applications and other subjects were also among the best guidelines this week. Check out the links below.

The 5 best discussions in the Tecnoblog Community

  1. Who still uses old hardware and software?
  2. What email applications do you use?
  3. How to proceed after my Facebook account is disabled by Facebook itself?
  4. Connected home: what is the difference between Wi-Fi and ZigBee devices?
  5. Is it worth buying 4K TV? Do you have content? How is the upscaling?

What do you use old technology for? Computer, video game, cell phone, programs or applications … In relation to this issue and if six years old is considered to be old, my notebook is already on the list. He’s still putting up with work routines, obviously not with the performance of my dreams, but he does well. And on your side, is there still that Nintendinho running?

4K TV Samsung RU7100 - Review

4K TV Samsung RU7100

The question arose about buying a TV with 4K resolution now instead of a Full-HD. And, as the members themselves responded, there is no reason to choose a lower resolution, considering more and more content in that resolution available on streaming platforms.

Some manufacturers have already started betting on 8K, the new consoles (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X), which will be launched this year, are already ready for 4K. Full-HD, as mentioned in the previous topic, may already be an old technology, for TVs.

Smartphones, especially intermediary and input, still have lower resolutions, which can even be HD, but it is justified by the size of the screen and usability.

The 5 best discussions on Tecnoblog guidelines

  1. WhatsApp launches Payments to send and receive money in Brazil
  2. Post office posts profit of R $ 102 million and increases in orders from abroad
  3. WhatsApp may concentrate payments market, fears Central Bank
  4. Microsoft tries to take down tool that modifies Windows 10
  5. Justice evaluates whether R $ 15 postage fee is abusive

This week WhatsApp launched the Payments in Brazil function, allowing users, so far customers of Banco do Brasil, Nubank or Sicredi, to easily transfer money via chat. The novelty, offered by the Facebook Pay platform, is gradually being released to all users in the country.

WhatsApp Payments

Undoubtedly, there are several controversies surrounding the new possibility, after all it is much easier to send money – even to strangers, which can boost attempts at scams. We’ve listed some tips on how to use the feature more safely.

On the other hand, the Central Bank was concerned that the initiative may lead to market fragmentation and concentration on specific agents, but still believes that there is potential to integrate the use of Bacen’s PIX (instant payment system).

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