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He sexted again, at home even to respect social distance in the middle of the June party and on mozões day. The week closed here at Tecnoblog with a lot of good things there Community between the 5th and 12th of June, scratching on tips to get the home connected, Microsoft’s hand on Chrome working, doubts about antivirus on the smartphone and even tips for chair in the Home Office.

technoblog community week 21

Top 5 TB Community Discussions

  1. Microsoft Edge better than Google Chrome
  2. Connected house: Where to start?
  3. If I disable Facebook Messenger, are messages deleted?
  4. Curiosity: who uses WSL and / or WSL 2?
  5. How to solve static interference problem on the PC?

Some important information also appeared in the Community this week, such as tips and reports of using a good chair for the Home Office. Some people commented that they prefer gamers and this is my use here, I ended up opting for this chair that wants to look like racing car seats, but that doesn’t move.

android malware

Another discussion that has even raised the fight between Android and iOS is the need to use antivirus on a smartphone. Look, I don’t know about you, but I haven’t even used it on my personal computer since 2014. I belong to the team that says that “the best antivirus is the user” and I haven’t suffered from this problem for six years. Is that you? Comment there in the Community.

The 5 best discussions on Tecnoblog guidelines

  1. Chrome extension displays COVID-19 data that the government withdrew
  2. Dropbox Passwords: new password manager comes into test
  3. Government announces digitization of 156 services in three months
  4. Sony unveils PlayStation design, PS5 Digital Edition and accessories
  5. Ministry of Communications is recreated in the Bolsonaro government

In the midst of PlayStation and government actions, we found a space to dream about ARM processors on the next Macs to be presented on June 22, which is when this year’s WWDC will take place – virtual, for obvious reasons. Apple already gets along with its processors on iPhones and iPads, now it’s time to try this firepower on your desktop computer too.

MacBook Pro (16 inch)

Combine that with another mobile operator in Brazil, which already has names that even include post offices. The latest virtual mobile operator, or MVNO, is Revista Caras, which uses the TIM and Oi network with the help of Surf Telecom’s infrastructure. They are prepaid plans that start at R $ 25, but will it be an advertisement on each page, as it is in the magazine?

1606978913 899 TB Community 021 Edge or Chrome connected home PS5

Closing this week, there is once again Xiaomi. In place of national launch, it is the turn of the Mi Band 5 that was announced there in China and has a 1.1 inch screen, magnetic charger and that buddy price that already exists in the manufacturer’s smartbands line that does a lot to be Apple from China. There is still no forecast to arrive here in Brazil, but the launch in other countries will happen soon.

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