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Most of the sites you access have advertising areas from Taboola or Outbrain. This is the case Tecnoblog, for example. The platforms, which integrate articles from these sites with sponsored links, announced a merger to try to compete with Google and Facebook.

1605565812 Taboola and Outbrain withdraw from 850 million merger

O communication about the agreement explicitly indicates that the goal is to seek more level competition with Google and Facebook. The companies were classified by Taboola and Outbrain as a “duopoly”, due to their dominance in the online advertising sector.

The deal is only awaiting regulatory approval to complete. It will make the operation of the two companies centralized under the Taboola structure. As a result, Outbrain’s shareholders will distribute US $ 250 million in cash and will control 30% of the new company.

It will be chaired by the CEO and founder of Taboola, Adam Singolda. “By joining forces, we can create a more robust competitor for Facebook and Google, offering advertisers a more meaningful choice,” said the executive.

Taboola and Outbrain announce merger to compete with Google and

The goal was reiterated by Outbrain co-CEO David Kostman. “I look forward to working with Eldad [Maniv, presidente da Taboola] and his team to bring together the best of each company’s technology, product and business experience to create an attractive global alternative to Google and Facebook. ”

With the agreement, the new company will have 2,000 employees in 23 offices around the world. It will operate in 50 countries across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region and will offer services to more than 20,000 customers.

Founded in 2006, Outbrain is used on vehicle websites such as CNN, The Washington Post, BBC and El País. Taboola was created a year later and appears on websites like CNBC, Huffington Post, Microsoft and The world.

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