Strike mails affect deliveries from Mercado Livre and Amazon – Brazil

Employees of post offices decided to get in strike on Tuesday night (10): the decision was taken unanimously by 36 unions in the category across Brazil. They protest against the future privatization of the state-owned company, and against the wage readjustment below inflation. About 80% of the branches will remain closed, affecting a good part of the deliveries of the e-commerce, including Free market and Amazon.

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The effect of the strike promises to be great: the Post Office is used 88.6% of virtual stores in Brazil, according to Abcomm (Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce). This percentage is lower than in 2013, when 93% of online retailers depended on the state-owned company; the sites are gradually adopting services from private carriers.

Mercado Livre already displays a notice on purchases delivered by the state-owned company: “the shipping of this product is by post and, at the moment, they are on strike. Therefore, the delivery date is longer than usual. Excuse me”. This affects orders from Mercado Envios, a service offered in partnership with ECT (Brazilian Post and Telegraph Company).

It is worth remembering that not all products from the Free Market are sent by post: the company works with several carriers, including Jadlog, Total Express, Transfolha, DHL and Loggi.

With Amazon, it’s similar: she uses Post and multi-carrier services – the list includes Total Express, Sequoia, Loggi, Jadlog and Shippify. It does not have its own delivery operation in Brazil.

Officials protest against privatizing Correios

Postal workers went on strike to protest the proposed 0.8% wage readjustment, lower than the 3.1% of accumulated inflation according to the INPC (Consumer Price Index). The state-owned company said in a statement that “it presented its real economic situation and proposals for the agreement within the possible conditions, considering the accumulated loss in the order of R $ 3 billion”.

The strike was also motivated by the privatization process of the Post Office. The company entered the PPI (Investment Partnership Program) to decide how it will be transferred to the private sector. Telebras, Serpro (Federal Data Processing Service), Dataprev (Social Security Technology and Information Company) and more state-owned companies will also be sold.

Strike mails affect deliveries from Mercado Livre and Amazon

SINDECTEB (ECT Employees Union of Bauru and Region) employees voting on strike

“About 80% of the agencies will join the strike. There were 36 unions that together and with a unanimous decision decided to stop, ”he tells Look Douglas Cristóvão de Melo, communication director at Findect (Interstate Federation of Postal Workers’ Unions).

In note, Findect says that “the ECT management and the government want to radically reduce wages and benefits to cut costs and privatize the post office, deliver the postal sector to businessmen who are crazy for profit”.

The Ministry of Economy, led by Paulo Guedes, prepared a study with several arguments in favor of the privatization of the Post Office, including cases of corruption, political interference in management and constant strikes.

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