Storytel audiobook service debuts in Brazil for R $ 27.90 a month

Another audio platform arrives in Brazil, but we are not talking about a new competitor for Spotify or Apple Music: Storytel specializes in audiobooks, podcasts, series, documentaries and other audible content.

Audiobooks are not yet very popular in Brazil, but they are gaining strength here as the collection of publications in Portuguese increases.

Contributing to this is the growing perception that the format is an interesting way to consume content while other tasks are carried out – you can listen to an audiobook while driving, for example.

Swedish in origin, the Storytel arrives in Brazil with an eye on the growth of the audio content segment here. The country is the 18th market in which the company is present.


The Brazilian version of the platform costs R $ 27.90 per month and offers 14 days of free trial. Currently, Storytel’s collection consists of more than 300 thousand titles, including audiobooks, podcasts, series and information channels.

English productions are prevalent on the platform, but the Portuguese collection does not appear to be meaningless. Works like Murder on the Orient Express, The little Prince (with narration by Marcelo Tas), The Power of MasterMind and Be Singular appear in this month’s highlights.

As it could not be otherwise, the official application (for Android and iOS) brings several features, such as allowing download for offline consumption, switching between various contents, adjusting the playback speed, among others.

The plan is to go beyond audiobooks. Storytel’s debut catalog in Brazil includes podcasts with personalities like Monja Coen, Fred Elboni and Madama Brona. Future podcasts should also include names like Clara Averbuck, Thalita Rebouças and Regina Navarro Lins.

In Brazil, Storytel will compete with services such as Ubook and Tocalivros, whose subscriptions cost R $ 29.90 and R $ 19.90 per month, respectively.

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