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Valve released yesterday (30) the new look that was promising for the part of the library of games that are linked with the Steam account. Along with the store bath, the new interface delivers news that arrived for the games in your account, such as a new DLC or some important update that is already available.

new visual steam library

The novelty was already in the closed testing phase, but as of this week it can be accessed by all users of the platform that has not yet launched Half-Life 3 – We are watching, Valve. The visual update of this area of ​​Steam is the most impactful in two decades and it can be quite useful for those who actually play on the PC.

The most interesting part is on the shelf called “Updates for you”, which displays news for games that are linked with your account. This includes alerts about new DLCs, the start of selling a different version of the game or even any alerts that the developer wants you to read and this can even be a tutorial.

On another shelf are the activities of his friends, which previously were more hidden. There are the alerts of achievements and progress of your contacts, which in the image I made of my screen appears empty – certainly no one is playing at work.

If you have Steam updated, you can check out the new look of the library.

With information: Valve.

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