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That SpaceX, in Elon Musk, created the satellite network Starlink to take internet access to remote places, it’s nothing new. What the world wants to know is: how fast are the connections offered? Some users who participate in the beta phase of the service reveal: currently, the download varies between 11 and 60 Mb / s (megabits per second).

Starlink Satellites

The speed tests are based on Speedtest and were deliberately conducted by the users themselves. It is not possible to say that the results correspond precisely to what is offered, therefore, but they give a good idea of ​​the current stage of operation of Starlink. The procedures were conducted in several cities in the United States.

A topic on the subject in Reddit points out that, to date, the highest download rate obtained was 61.32 Mb / s. The smallest are around 11 Mb / s. Upload rates vary between 5 and 18 Mb / s.

Note that the tests also took latency into account. The results show rates ranging from 20 to 94 ms, with the majority falling below 50 ms.

SpaceX made it clear that its goal is to offer rates that reach 1 Gb / s in the download and keep the latency below 20 ms. But those numbers should only be reached when most of the Starlink satellites are in operation.

Starlink results on Speedtest

Today, about 600 Starlink satellites are in low orbit, over distances ranging from 540 km to 570 km from Earth. But the FCC, an American agency equivalent to Anatel, has authorized SpaceX to launch about 12,000 satellites. Half of that total is expected to come on stream over the next five years.

If we take into account that the beta phase of the service has just started, the results shown are quite interesting, as they are equivalent to the speeds offered by many conventional broadband services.

At Reddit, users who can only count on connections up to 1 Mb / s – probably because they live in rural or remote areas – reported that they would be quite satisfied if they got the rates for Starlink tests.

SpaceX plans to put the Starlink satellite network to commercial use in 2020, starting in the United States and Canada. From 2021, the service should be expanded in these markets and offered in other countries.

With information: Ars Technica.

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