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Spotify started testing a new format for podcasts to use entire music on programs without violating copyright rules. Until today, the streaming service only authorized small parts of the tracks. With the change, content creators will be able to use music to complement their episodes or produce podcasts focused on music selections.

The option began to be released on Anchor, a service aimed at creating and publishing podcasts purchased by Spotify in early 2019. Users of the platform in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland can now create podcasts in interactive format. The episodes created in this model, however, will only be available on Spotify.

According to the The Verge, the restriction is due to streaming service agreements with record labels. The idea is to ensure that musicians are paid for each reproduction of their music in podcasts, as it always happens whenever users choose something to listen to on the platform.

Spotify screen with songs played in a podcast episode (Image: Disclosure / Spotify)

Spotify screen with songs played in a podcast episode (Image: Disclosure / Spotify)

Users, moreover, will easily find the songs played on podcasts. This is because the platform will present the programs as a kind of playlist, in which comments from the presenters are separated from the tracks. Here, there is another restriction: the entire songs will only be available to those who use Spotify Premium. Users of the free version, which only allows random mode, will be limited to 30 seconds of each track.

Spotify gets new music podcasts

To mark the arrival of the new podcast format, the streaming service won seven new podcasts with music. Available on this link, programs already have the option to skip to a specific song in the episode and save it to your library. In my test, the feature is available in version of Spotify for Android.

The service has been working on improvements to podcasts and tests the display of polls in the application to make programs more interactive. In addition, the platform released a solution to launch video podcasts and started offering alerts to users about new episodes.

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