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The stories are present in several social networks and, now, they should also reach Spotify. But, unlike other platforms, the streaming service should offer the feature only to artists, who will be able to answer questions from their fans.

Spotify to use stories for artists to answer fan questions

Apparently, Spotify doesn’t want to become more like a social network, but rather to bring users closer to singers and bands. Information is from the developer Jane Manchun Wong, who accessed the resource from the application codes.

It will be called Storyline and will show short videos when users touch on the profile photo of certain artists. In the test performed by Wong, the content was presented by touching the photo of Norwegian singer Sigrid in one of his playlists.

The material features a question and answer session for fans of the artist, which indicates some of her favorite songs. The application also displays excerpts from the aforementioned tracks along with the heart icon so that they can be added to the library of those who are watching.

As Wong points out, the fact that the videos with the singer are produced by Spotify already demonstrates a commitment by the company to release the resource. After all, in addition to strengthening relations between artists and fans, the format can help the platform increase its revenue with sponsored content.

Remember that Spotify has been testing your stories for a few months now. In May, the service started showing the Storyline to some Android and iOS users. The interface appeared above the Behind the Lyrics function, which gives information about the song that is playing.

With information: Android Police.

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