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There is no reason to splurge, but it is good to be aware: perhaps the value of the subscription to the Spotify increase in the near future. At least that is what a test that the company is about to start in Scandinavia countries suggests. In these markets, the subscription must increase something around 13% so that the company can evaluate the acceptance of the adjustment.

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It is what informs the Bloomberg. The report suggests that the results of this test may indicate to Spotify the extent to which the company is able to apply a monthly fee increase on a global scale without this decision leading to a significant stampede of users.

The company has plenty of reasons for a price increase. Despite being an industry leader – the service closed the first half of 2019 with 108 million paying subscribers worldwide – Spotify still strives to be profitable.

In addition, the company has not applied adjustments for some time. The value of the individual plan, for example, is R $ 16.90 per month in Brazil since November 2016, while the family option costs R $ 26.90 since the same time.

Audio streaming services have a very different reality from that faced by video platforms. Netflix, for example, has readjusted its plans at least twice since 2016.

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But the increases were possible because there was scope for that: quality questions aside, Netflix maintains a growing collection of exclusive content that helps attract or retain subscribers, even with rising prices.

In music streaming services, holdings do not differ much from each other, so readjustments need to be well planned to prevent subscribers simply choosing to migrate to a platform that charges less.

But make it clear: the price adjustment is a test that is limited to a few markets and may not be permanent. At least for now, plan prices remain as they are in most of the markets in which Spotify operates, including Brazil.

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