Spotify tests display of lyrics in real time

Along with the launch of iOS 13, Apple Music gained a function that displays the lyrics being played, all in real time. Apparently, the Spotify does not want to be left behind in this regard: in partnership with Musixmatch, the service began testing a similar function in its applications.


If you are a longtime Spotify user, you may have had a “déjà vu” feeling. Not surprisingly: the service has exhibited lyrics for some time, but it was without this functionality in 2016, after the end of the partnership with Musixmatch.

Now, the two companies are back to talking. Users in countries like Canada, Indonesia and Mexico have reported on social media that the function that displays lyrics in real time is appearing on their accounts.

The “new old” function resembles a karaoke and appears just below the playback controls in the Spotify apps for Android and iOS. It is also possible to view the lyrics in full screen.

Lyrics on Spotify

Image by @notfndm

Given the evidence, Spotify has not denied that the lyrics function is being tested. But it’s good not to get too excited: TechCrunch, the company explained that the test is being done only in a few markets – the company did not say in which. In addition, the number of “contemplated” users is small. It is not yet clear when or if the function will be launched globally.

On the other hand, you can maintain some expectation. Spotify already accumulates 113 million paying users while Apple Music registers around 60 million. The company has been perfecting its platform to remain in the lead and, as lyrics are a recurring request from users, there is a good chance that this function will be part of these efforts.

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