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Spotify wants to help parents of young children ensure that their children will only hear what is appropriate for their age. For this, the service started testing an application with songs and stories aimed at children from 3 years old.

Spotify Kids

Named Spotify Kids, it has a beta version for Android and iOS. For now available only in Ireland, it should be taken in the coming months to all countries where the service offers the Premium Family plan, as is the case in Brazil.

With the app, children will be able to quickly find the songs from their favorite movies and cartoons. The service will bring together content selected by a team of publishers who were part of companies like Nickelodeon, Disney and Discovery Kids.

“Children consuming audio content, such as music and history, are not a new phenomenon – in fact, they love it,” says Spotify Premium business director Alex Norström. “But most audio experiences were created with adults in mind, which means that they are not simple, easy or fun for children.”

After downloading Spotify Kids, parents will only need to login with their Premium Family account and create a child’s profile. The app allows free access to music for younger or older children, as well as offering the option of an avatar.

“This initial phase of implementation will bring a lot of learning from parents, caregivers and other experts when they start interacting with the app,” says Norström. Spotify says it will launch more advanced parental control features in the future.

With information: Spotify.

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