Spotify receives Siri support and Apple TV app | Applications and Software

Siri is not the smartest personal assistant, but improvements are slowly emerging. After beta testing, the Spotify updated its iOS app with support for Apple’s virtual assistant and released a version for Apple TV.

Spotify + Siri

To use the feature you need to ask Siri to play a song, album, artist or playlist on Spotify. If you do not include the application name in the sentence, the system will attempt to play the content through Apple Music or your local music library. It is possible to request playback on iPhone, iPad, CarPlay and AirPods.

It is very likely that the novelty will appear in competing applications, such as Deezer or YouTube Music. Support for the virtual assistant only arrived now because the integration with Siri for audio applications was exclusive to Apple Music until iOS 12. It is still not possible to use Spotify directly through the Smart Speaker HomePod or even through the Apple Watch, on however.

The annoying part is that Siri does not work correctly with more than one language at the same time, making it difficult to request a song with an English name when the assistant is set to Portuguese (and vice versa).

New Apple TV app

Spotify receives Siri support and Apple TV app Applications

Those who have a 4th generation Apple TV will also be able to listen to their Spotify library. The version is now available on the tvOS App Store and is very similar to what already exists on Smart TVs. Useful for leaving something touching in the room.

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