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Users Spotify point out that the streaming service had problems this Wednesday (19): they find flaws when it comes to playing music, searching or viewing friends’ activity. The company is aware of the errors and says that everything has already been fixed.


Spotify offline

“We are aware of some problems now and we are checking it out!”, Warned Spotify on its official account Twitter at 9:40 am (Brasília time). At 10:35, the company said that everything is back to normal.

At the DownDetector, complaints have accumulated this morning: users say they see the error message “the current song cannot be played”. In addition, Spotify customers are unable to use search. The program may ask you to try again, even if the internet connection is working fine.

Some people can even hear music, but the playback is unstable: “it only plays for 9 seconds and stops”, “mine plays for 10 seconds and stops”, say users. If you downloaded a track or playlist, you can access it normally; everything indicates that the problem is in the connection with the servers.

Spotify offline

The flaw affects several platforms on which Spotify is available: “without access via Mac, iPhone, iPad”, reports a Brazilian. “I can’t use it on Android or the PC app (Windows),” says another. “I can only use it on the PC app (Linux); on Android, it’s down, ”says a third.

It is worth noting that not every Spotify client has an error: “it only works on my Xbox One, but my iPhone and laptop don’t carry anything”, says one of the reports. “It works on my smart TV, but not on my cell phone or PC,” explains another.

Spotify has 138 million paying users and 299 million in total, including those in the free version with ads. The streaming service competes with Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube Music and Amazon Music Unlimited.

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