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O Spotify last month announced some changes to the plan Family, including parental controls and custom playlists. In addition, the service will again ask all members to provide their home address; and you can do periodic checks to see if they still live in the same place. If they don’t live, the plan can be canceled. The company says, however, that it will not track its location.


“There have been changes to the terms and conditions of your Premium Family plan,” says an email sent to customers. The new rules will apply to all Spotify Family subscribers from October 10, 2019.

The terms require that “the account holder and the subsidiary account holders must be members of the family and reside at the same address”. Every time you add a member, you’ll need to confirm their home address.

Spotify explains in the FAQ that the plan administrator will use Google Maps search to find the home address. The company will then ask the invited members to confirm that they live in the same place: this can be done by manually entering the address on Google Maps, or by activating the mobile phone location service.

“We don’t track your location,” says Spotify. “We only checked the location when we asked you to confirm that you really live at that address. We also do not store any coordinates after completing the verification. ”

Spotify may cancel Family plan in some cases

In addition, Spotify warns: “We may periodically request a re-verification of your home address to confirm that you still meet the eligibility criteria”.

If Spotify finds that Family members do not live at the same address, the company “reserves the right to terminate or suspend access to the service … immediately and at any time”.

Last year, Spotify was criticized for requiring the use of GPS among some subscribers to the Family plan in the U.S. and Germany, with the aim of confirming whether they lived in the same location. The company said this was just a test “with small groups of users in selected markets”. Now, you can just type in the address in the Google Maps search to confirm the location; enabling GPS is optional.

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