Spotify creates personalized playlist for the duration of your trip | Internet

Finding playlists to listen to during a long journey is not always a simple task. With that in mind, Spotify created Soundtrack your Ride, a website that creates personalized lists with tracks for the entire journey.

Spotify Soundtrack your Ride

The page is able to create a playlist with the estimated duration of the trip from the departure and arrival locations. Addresses are limited to the United States, but users in other countries can manually set the expected travel time.

Then, Spotify displays some questions to create the playlist. The service asks to inform with whom you are traveling, the type of the car and the “mood” of the trip. He also asks for his favorite genre and what is the best song to hear on the road among six options.

From the responses and their history, the streaming service selects the songs that you expect to be most enjoyable for your trip. Soundtrack your Ride also allows you to remove tracks with explicit content from the list.

After reaching the result, Spotify allows you to save the list in your account and edit it at any time. If you’re traveling with others, a good idea might be to make the playlist collaborative.

With information: The Verge.

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