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The government of São Paulo will distribute 750 thousand 4G internet chips for students, teachers and state employees. Aimed at the most vulnerable population, the measure should enable remote or hybrid education and will allow the execution of activities outside the classroom during the new coronavirus pandemic.

The drawer on the left side supports two SIM cards and the microSD slot (up to 256 GB)

Mobile chip. Photo: Emerson Alecrim / Tecnoblog

Government chips will have 4G internet, calls and SMS

There will be two data packages provided by the state government:

  • For students: 3 GB of internet per month
  • For teachers and servers: 5 GB of internet per month

The plan also gives unlimited access to the Media Center, where educational content is published by schools. The teachers’ chips still include calls and SMS.

The measure is restricted to students in situations of poverty and extreme poverty in CadÚnico who are enrolled from the 8th year of Elementary School to the 3rd year of High School. The chips will be distributed to schools between November and December 2020.

The investment will be R $ 75 million for the service to run for 12 months. The government has not released which operator will provide access. In June 2020, the hired state 22.9 thousand TIM chips with 20 GB of internet for R $ 441 thousand. The plans, which lasted four months, were intended for ETECs and FATECs students.

In addition to São Paulo, other states have adopted measures to enable remote education. The Federal District has entered into a zero rating partnership with Claro and TIM, and students using these operators have free access to the teaching platform. Rio Grande do Sul has already made an agreement with Claro, Oi, TIM and Vivo to sponsor the data spent on Google Classroom.

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