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O cooler, or fan, of PS5 will have adjustments for online updates over time, as Sony improves the console through online updates. Yasuhiro Ootori, chief engineer at PlayStation, who also presented the official video dismantling the device, detailed how it will work.

PS5 cooler may have improvements via update (Image: Sony)

PS5 cooler may have improvements via update (Image: Sony)

In an interview with the Japanese website 4Gamer, Ootori says that, in theory, the fan will not have a fixed speed, and will be controlled by the PS5 processor unit or Accelerated Processing Unit (APU). It is basically the custom AMD chip, which is also combined with the graphics processor, which gives all the power and control to the console.

Thus, according to the game that is running on the console, Sony can test and see how the cooler behaves, modifying its speed and performance for each title, through future system updates. Everything to keep the temperature controlled.

“Many games will be released in the future and data on how the APU will behave will be collected. We have plans to optimize the fan control, based on these data ”, he said. For this, Ootori explains, several temperature sensors are spread across the main board of the console, to collect data while the APU runs the game.

Transparent PS5

Another curious detail from Ootori’s interview, and noticed by the website The Verge, is that the engineer detailed one of the tests done with the PS5 in terms of temperature, involving a PS5 model that we will possibly never see.

According to the designer, transparent carcasses were created for the PS5, to immediately release smoke from dry ice inside the device. Thus, manufacturers were able to better study the effects related to temperature increase, seeing how the smoke behaved inside the transparent video game.

With information: The Verge.

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