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THE Sony has good hopes for the PS5 in its first fiscal year of launch. In an interview with the Korean website Naver, Jim Ryan, executive of the PlayStation line, declared that he wants to see the console surpass the PS4 brand in the same period – that is, until April 2021.

Sony thinks PS5 will outperform PS4 sales in launch year

Sony’s fiscal year ends at the end of March, the same time as other gaming and technology companies. In this period, between 2013 and 2014, the PS4 had added 7 million units sold.

At the time, the number was enough to beat Xbox One, its main competitor, in the same period. However, Microsoft has not revealed what number of Xbox Series X and Series S it expects to sell during this season – not to mention that they are two separate consoles, although Sony also has two PS5 models to hit the market.

In fact, years later, the battle between the two companies continues in the same field, but following very different rules. Still, Sony expects its device to be a huge success, despite the pandemic and other complicating factors.

Sony defends PS5 game prices

In the same interview, Jim Ryan also commented on the price of new generation games, which rose to $ 70 from $ 60 in most cases. For the executive, the value is “obvious”.

“It is difficult to talk about the game market and other consoles, but I think the value is obvious for the PS5 case,” he commented. It is worth remembering that the price of $ 60 for the standard of large games has been maintained for more than two generations of consoles, at least, and has never gone up before.

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