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O Playstation 4 is no longer manufactured in Brazil: Sony confirms to Estadão that all its consoles sold in the country are imported. The company reduced on Monday (26) the suggested prices of PS4, PS4 Pro and PlayStation VR, after the decree of President Jair Bolsonaro that decreases the IPI (Tax on Industrialized Products) on video games and accessories.

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Sony tells the The Enemy that the national manufacture of the PlayStation 4 ended in 2017. She also explains that the new prices are only valid for orders billed from August 26, so it may take a while before they are reflected in retail.

The company readjusted its prices in Brazil “as a result of the reduction of the IPI for video games”. The rate for consoles without an integrated screen was 50% to 40%. In the case of parts and accessories, the rate dropped from 40% to 32%. The decree does not reduce gaming taxes.

These are Sony’s new official prices:

  • Playstation 4: R $ 2,399 (before R $ 2,599)
  • PlayStation 4 Pro: R $ 2,799 (before R $ 2,999)
  • PlayStation VR: R $ 2,599 (before R $ 2,799)
  • Dualshock 4 wireless control: R $ 249 (before R $ 259)

PlayStation 4 was launched in Brazil for R $ 3,999

The PS4 was launched in Brazil in 2013 and startled by the suggested price of R $ 3,999. Sony explained at the time that, because it was imported, the console had to pay around R $ 2,500 in taxes: in addition to the import tax, there were ICMS, PIS, Cofins and IPI.

It only managed to reach lower values ​​when it started manufacturing in Brazil in 2015, in the Manaus Free Trade Zone. Now, only China and Japan produce PS4 locally.

The reduction in the IPI for video games was criticized by consultant Saleh Hamdeh, from the Federation of Industries of the State of Amazonas (Fieam) and the Center of Industry of the State of Amazonas (Cieam). He estimates that the tax benefit will eliminate up to 500 direct and indirect jobs in the Manaus Free Trade Zone.

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