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Who is interested in buying one PS5 in the USA you can now register for pre-sales. THE Sony sent an email to PSN users, asking for the name of the PlayStation Network ID, so that a sort of “draw” can be carried out.

Sony recruits players to pre-order PS5 / Press Release / Sony

The e-mail states that “a limited number of consoles will be available in pre-order” and that it is therefore necessary to pre-register to define your interest in the new Sony video game.

The “however” is that there is no mention of what aspect Sony will value when selecting which users will have the opportunity to buy the PS5 in pre-order, or whether, in fact, it will be a simple draw.

The website Ars Technica raises the hypothesis that, with the registered PSN ID, the company has access to the gaming habits of each user, such as how many games it has, which ones play more or number of Trophies. This information, in turn, can be made public to all users of the current PS4, if the player allows it.

Sony recruits players to pre-order PS5 / Press Release / Sony

The email sent by Sony

Regarding the launch date or price, the email does not detail or deliver news. We still don’t know when the PS5 will be released or how much it will be charged. The statement does not even mention whether the pre-order will include both console models – with and without a disk drive.

Another important detail is that the email is only valid for US PSN users. There is still no news or announcements about the PS5 pre-sale in Brazil. We only know that the company opened the console’s official website in Brazil and that, more recently, the device’s Wi-Fi has been approved by Anatel.

With information: Ars Technica

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