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Disney will re-launch two classic games: this is Aladdin for Mega Drive and Game Boy, Besides The Lion King to Super Nintendo (SNES); they have been remastered for a collection that will arrive on Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (Steam) on October 29. It will be possible to play them in Full-HD or with original graphics; “Rewind” to a previous moment; or skip to any part of the game.

The collection Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King offers versions of Aladdin for Game Boy, Super Game Boy and Mega Drive (known as Sega Genesis in North America). In the case of the Lion King, there are versions for these three consoles and for the SNES.

Aladdin for Super Nintendo it was left out; it was developed by the creator of resident Evil, Shinji Mikami, and has several differences from the game released for Mega Drive. In fact, even today there is a debate about which version is better (Mikami says he prefers the Mega Drive version).

Meanwhile, The Lion King for SNES and Mega Drive they are more similar; you can get a better idea by checking the videos at the end of the post.

Aladdin and The Lion King have Full-HD resolution and “rewind”

Aladdin and Lion King

Both games will allow you to switch between enhanced graphics in Full-HD or original. It will be possible to add visual tube TV filters and modify the controls. There is also a “rewind” feature to go back to an earlier time. And with “watch mode”, you can jump to any part of the game: it will automatically control the character until you take over.

The collection also includes a “museum” with backstage, interviews and an art gallery on the development of Aladdin and The Lion King for 8 and 16 bit consoles. This section includes a music player for the soundtrack for both titles.

The combo Disney Classic Games will be sold for $ 29.99 on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. Disney is betting heavily on the wave of nostalgia, and with success: the remakes of the films Aladdin and The Lion King each had a box office in excess of $ 1 billion this year.

Comparison of Aladdin on SNES and Mega Drive:

In its turn, The Lion King is more similar between the SNES and Mega Drive versions:

With information: Nintendo Life, CNET.

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