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Have you had – or are having – difficulty accessing the Tecnoblog? Several sites in Brazil were affected on Tuesday (14) by a problem with Cloudflare, which offers CDN services to speed up the loading of pages and avoid unavailability (as it is). In some cases, the pages load slowly or simply do not open, giving a connection error.

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At 0h56 (Brasília time), Cloudflare detected network performance problems in Brazil. The fault was identified at 3:11 am, and a correction was applied at 2:39 pm. The company is still following the situation, and says that “some customers may still experience reduced performance while our fiber optic route is being restored”.

Currently, Cloudflare is redirecting traffic arriving at the Porto Alegre data center to other points in its network; while the São Paulo data center operates with “reduced performance”. The service seems to be functioning normally in Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba and Fortaleza.

Sites are inaccessible in Brazil due to Cloudflare failure

Cloudflare is well known for its CDN (content delivery network): the company has data centers around the world that store a cache of websites and online services. That way, it is possible to distribute content faster: for example, if you live in the Northeast, you can open a US website by connecting to a Fortaleza server, speeding up the loading.

However, several sites end up being affected when CDN stops working: several companies use Cloudflare services, and it is not always practical to divert traffic to work around the problem.

For now, it remains to wait until the service is normalized. Did you have a problem accessing any other website?

Cloudflare’s global network with 180 data centers:

1611471592 724 Sites are inaccessible in Brazil due to Cloudflare failure

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