Semp TCL announces Android 9 Pie phones for up to R $ 999 | Cell phone

Semp TCL took advantage of its space inside the Eletrolar fair, which took place this week in São Paulo, to present three new smartphones with Android 9 Pie from the factory: the L9 Plus, L10, C9 Plus. Focused on low-cost devices, the most expensive model on the list has a suggested price of R $ 1,000.

Semp TCL L10

Semp TCL L10

The Brazilian Semp signed a partnership with the Chinese TCL to launch its smartphones in Brazil, leaving aside the also Chinese Alcatel. The L10 is the only model that is already on the market, carrying a 5.5-inch display in HD resolution, an eight-core processor, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal space.

Above it is the C9 Plus, with a 6.52-inch screen and drop-shaped notch, 4 GB of RAM and twice as much internal memory. In addition to the screen with much thinner edges, the model uses a triple set of cameras, the main lens being 16 megapixels, followed by one 8 megapixels and the third with 5 megapixels.

Semp TCL C9 Plus

Semp TCL C9 Plus

Finally, the L9 Plus is the simplest and most affordable of all launches. It has an 18: 9 aspect ratio and is 5.5 inches long, uses 32 GB of internal memory and 2 GB of RAM. The rear camera is 8 megapixels and calls attention to the presence of a dedicated button to call the Google Assistant, along with access to digital TV.

When and how much?

Prices look like this:

  • Semp TCL L9 Plus: R $ 699
  • Semp TCL L10: R $ 799
  • Semp TCL C9 PLus: R $ 999

The L10 is now available on the market, while the L9 Plus should arrive sometime in October this year. The C9 Plus, interestingly, is expected to launch only in January next year – something rare in the smartphone market.

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