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Many electric scooter sharing services adopt the dockless model, in which users do not need to go to the charging station at the beginning or at the end of their journey. The format forces companies to collect vehicles, but the task could end with a new Segway-Ninebot scooter.

Segway Ninebot launch electric scooter that goes alone to the charging

Named KickScooter T60, he manages to return alone to his charging station. With the semi-autonomous scooter, Segway-Ninebot intend to dispense with the manual labor that companies have to organize their scooters at stations.

The model, which has two front wheels and one rear, depends on artificial intelligence and cloud control to go to a recharging point. THE Reuters, Ninebot CEO Gao Lufeng said he could radically improve the market for shared scooters.

The KickScooter T60 should start to be sold only in the first quarter of 2020 and it will not be cheap: the equipment should be sold for 10 thousand yuan (about R $ 5.7 thousand). To give you an idea, the price of conventional Segway-Ninebot scooters ranges from R $ 400 to R $ 1,200.

According to the manufacturer, Uber and Lyft showed interest in the new scooter. Lyft told Reuters who is always interested in seeing innovations from partners like Segway-Ninebot, but clarified that she has not made a commitment to the product. Uber declined to comment.

The creator of the KickScooter T60 was founded in 2015 by the union of Chinese electronics maker Ninebot and American mobility company Segway. Together, they became the largest manufacturers of electric scooters and sold 1.6 million pieces of equipment in 2018.

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