São Paulo issues new RG with smaller size and CNH number – Brazil

THE identity card (RG) is changing: the new model has a QR Code, smaller size and space to include a driver’s license number (CNH), voter registration, work and social security cards, among others. This document will be issued on Sao Paulo as of this Tuesday (20th), and should be adopted by all states in Brazil by March 2020.

New ID

It will be possible to issue the new RG at all posts in Poupatempo de SP, whether for those who are taking the document for the first time or for those who will obtain the duplicate. please note that the old model is still valid: you will not be required to update your identity card.

There are several important changes in the RG. He stayed a little smaller, with dimensions 96 x 65 mm (previously 105 x 75 mm), more information. You can optionally include the numbers of the following documents:

  • voter registration
  • work and social security portfolio (CTPS)
  • military certificate
  • national driver’s license (CNH)
  • professional identity document
  • national health card (CNS)

To include these numbers, it will be necessary to take each of the original documents to Poupatempo; it is worth mentioning that this is optional. The RG will also come with the CPF and, if any, the DNI (National Identity Document).

It is possible to inform your blood type in the new RG; this needs to be proven through your blood donation card or a medical exam. The document may also include indications for people with special needs and codes referring to the CID (International Disease Code).

The new RG has QR Code internally, something that the state of São Paulo was already doing in the old model; the idea is to increase security against counterfeiting.

New RG will reach all of Brazil by March 2020

The document was standardized throughout Brazil like decree 9.278 / 2018, and will need to be implemented in all states by March 2020. Acre, Ceará, Goiás, Maranhão, Mato Grosso, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul and Paraná already issue the new RG model, as well as the Federal District.

The decree also provides for a RG on plastic card instead of paper, with even smaller dimensions (85.6 x 54 mm) and microchip approach. It contains the same information as the version described above, including the QR Code and the number of documents such as the CNH. This version is not being issued in SP, but it can be found in MT.

And the ICN (National Civil Identification), created by a 2017 law, which will gather the numbers of the RG, CPF and voter registration? It should include biometric data obtained by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), but this database is not yet ready; therefore, the document should not be issued before 2020.

The new RG model in São Paulo:

New ID

With information: Government of SP.

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