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THE Opensignal released a study that compares the mobile internet speed of six main cities in Latin America: São Paulo was the metropolis that obtained the best result, with an average of 21.3 Mb / s and a maximum of 31.9 Mb / s in a network 4G. The company also analyzes the difference in performance during peak and off-peak times.

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In addition to São Paulo, the measurements took place in Bogotá (Colombia), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Lima (Peru), Mexico City (Mexico) and Santiago (Chile). In 2017 alone, mobile data consumption in Latin America grew by 68%, according to Cisco.

The city with the worst result was Buenos Aires, with an average download of 16.2 Mb / s, a minimum of 12.7 Mb / s and a maximum of 24.1 Mb / s. However, the results are very close to Lima and Bogotá.

The graph below shows the average download speed on 4G, in addition to the minimum (during peak hours) and maximum (outside peak hours). See the data:

Sao Paulo has the fastest 4G among large cities in

In red are the speeds at peak times; yellow represents the average speed; and green, speed outside peak hours.

4G speed drops by half at peak times

The study states that the highest speeds are reached in the early morning, around 4 am, when there are fewer users on the network. The lowest speeds, on the other hand, happen during peak hours, when many use their smartphones at the same time.

The maximum speed is around 28 Mb / s, considering all cities, while the minimum occurs at peak times and is around 15 Mb / s. Santiago had the biggest difference: the speed at peak times is only 50% of the average throughout the day.

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Recently, Opensignal released a study aimed at Brazil, with specific measurements for more than 20 cities. Claro was the operator that had the best result in video experience, download and upload speed, while TIM had the best latency and 4G availability.

With information: Opensignal.

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