São Paulo City Hall stops buses by Metra and UBus application

Last week, the transport company Metra and the platform UBusput into operation a bus line per application to connect the municipality of São Bernardo do Campo to the Berrini region, in the capital of São Paulo. But the service had to be stopped: for the City of São Paulo, the new modality is “clandestine”.

Metra / Ubus bus (photo: disclosure)

Metra / UBus bus (photo: disclosure)

On social networks, it is possible to notice that the 376-SBC line, as it was identified, pleased most users who have already tested the service. The ticket price is R $ 14.50, a considerable amount. In return, the bus offers several comfort items, such as recliners, air conditioning, luggage rack, Wi-Fi and USB sockets.

The main attraction is the UBus app, available for Android and iOS. Through it, the user informs the points of origin and destination, defines the time at which he wishes to travel and reserves his seat on the bus – as the vehicle has a road pattern, passengers do not travel standing up.

Then, the UBus indicates the departure point closest to the region indicated by the user and charges the ticket. The fare can be paid by credit card or via BOM transport card.

To put the buses into operation – all are new and were purchased especially for operation on line 376-SBC -, Metra obtained authorization from the Metropolitan Urban Transport Company of São Paulo (EMTU), a public company that manages intercity transport in Greater São Paulo Paulo and other regions of the state. Why, then, was the service barred?

EMTU is a company controlled by the Government of the State of São Paulo. Buses were prevented from running by the Municipal Secretariat of Mobility and Transport of the City of São Paulo. Apparently, the suspension of the line is the result of a lack of communication between the two bodies.

In a note, the agency linked to the city said that “the UBus service is not accredited and, therefore, is clandestine. Accreditation aims to ensure the safety of residents and prevent accidents from occurring ”.

Metra bus approached by agents of the City of São Paulo (Photo: Diário do Transporte)

Metra bus approached by agents of the City of São Paulo (Photo: Diário do Transporte)

As a result, Metra was forced to stop the service. On Monday (09/30), the company even had one of the buses on the line seized by agents of the capital’s city hall.

Sought, UBus explained that its platform continues to function, as the company is not a concessionaire, it only provides technology services.

Metra, on the other hand, reinforced that it is authorized to drive between São Bernardo do Campo and São Paulo, and that the vehicles in the line are new and, therefore, in perfect condition to run. On social networks, the company has explained to passengers that its legal sector is already turning to resume operations.

With information: Shipping Diary.

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