Samsung to launch phones with 120 Hz screen in 2020 | Cell phone

Does 120 Hz screens will be the new fashion in smartphones? To be announced in December, the Xiaomi Redmi K30 should feature this feature, and now, clues have emerged that indicate that the Samsung it will also have cell phones with this feature starting in 2020.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Samsung does not comment on this possibility, but the Ice Universe, a Twitter profile that already has a good history of accurate leaks, released a screenshot of a beta version of the One UI 2.0 interface that indicates that displays with a 120 Hz refresh rate may be on the way to the Galaxy line.

This is because the image shows the possibility to choose between 60 Hz and 120 Hz in the interface settings. In response to the tweet, Jay Dabhi released a similar capture, but in the English language (the Ice Universe capture is in Korean).

There, it is possible to note that the interface allows the user to choose the frequency of 120 Hz for a smoother view of the screen or choose the 60 Hz rate to save battery power, an alternative that would only work with user-defined applications.

One UI with 120 Hz

Catches of Ice Universe (left) and Jay Dabhi

It is speculated that the Galaxy S11 will be the first Samsung smartphone to feature this feature. For Samsung, this would not be a major technical challenge, after all, the company already produces screens with more than 60 Hz for other manufacturers.

In addition to the 120 Hz display, rumors suggest that the Galaxy S11 line will have a screen of up to 6.9 inches, 5G and a 108 megapixel camera (!!!).

With information: XDA Developers.

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