Samsung to launch AMD Radeon graphics phones in 2021 | Cell phone

Samsung smartphones that will be launched two years from now can bring an AMD solution for graphics cards, with a little help from Radeon. The information seems to come out of the world of rumors, but it appeared during the Samsung meeting to present the financial results for the last fiscal quarter.

Samsung Galaxy S10 +

Samsung Galaxy S10 +

The first indication that something like this was happening appeared in early June, when AMD signed a partnership with Samsung to develop something – yes, there was no information. Now, after the investor meeting, it became clear that Samsung intends to use AMD technologies in its devices from 2021.

This may be a move to try to improve the graphics performance of Exynos chips, as they are working well, but they do not attract attention and are not above what an equivalent Snapdragon can achieve. Another potential target is Huawei, which has been showing great results with its Kirin chips.

The technology that Samsung will use will be based on AMD’s RDNA for Radeon cards, which is a 7 nm video card processor architecture that is currently in the brand’s Navi line – which will certainly be used in the next generation of console from Sony and Microsoft.

With information: TechRadar and SlashGear.

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