Samsung The Frame: QLED TV that “turns into a frame” arrives in Brazil for R $ 6,999 | Gadgets

The third generation of Samsung The Frame was launched in Brazil: the TV that displays works of art when not in use arrived in the country with a suggested price of R $ 6,999. It has a 55-inch QLED panel and an almost transparent cable to supply power and connect to other devices.

Samsung The Frame TV

The Frame starts displaying works of art when it is in standby mode; the brightness is automatically adjusted to mimic a real picture. If the motion sensor does not detect anyone nearby, the TV will turn itself off after a few minutes.

There are some features to make The Frame really look like a frame. She owns the Samsung Collection with 20 different works, and offers a subscription to the Art Store that gives access to a gallery with over a thousand different paintings, including Monet and Kandinsky. There is R $ 16 monthly for the entire catalog, or R $ 66 for each individual purchase.

Fortunately, you can also use your own photos in Art Mode, choosing from a palette of 10 colors and 7 different types of layout to organize them on the screen.

The wall bracket “No Gap”, included in the box, allows you to fix the TV almost without space with the wall. In addition, Samsung sells customizable frames in white, black, beige and wood to further resemble a painting; each accessory has a suggested price of R $ 679.

Samsung The Frame has cable for Single Connection

Samsung The Frame

The Frame brings a nice feature so you don’t have to hide the power cable: it’s the Only Connection, a thin and almost transparent cable that comes out of the TV and reaches an external central to receive power and to connect devices like set- top box, console and others.

Samsung offers a 10-year warranty against the burn-in effect on the QLED panel. She explains that this problem occurs when “still images are reproduced on a TV, on average for 2 hours, and eventually the TV absorbs this content, generating permanent spots on the screen”.

The QLED panel has 4K resolution, HDR 10+ support and a refresh rate of up to 240 Hz. When it comes to audio, here is a 2.2 channel 40 W RMS speaker compatible with Dolby Digital Plus.

The Frame is for sale in Samsung’s physical stores and over the internet, with a suggested price of R $ 6,999. The previous generation, with LED screen instead of QLED, goes on sale for R $ 5,999.

With information: Samsung.

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