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The modular TV from Samsung with MicroLED technology is now a commercial product: The Wall Luxury started to be sold under order with sizes from 73 to 292 inches, and the larger version can display images with 8K resolution.

Samsung The Wall

The Wall is not a product aimed at end consumers, at least for now. Therefore, Samsung does not even publicly disclose TV prices – companies and other interested parties can request a quote on brand website. But now we know more details about how TV works, including its technologies and size options.

In the IW008R, each module is approximately 81 centimeters wide and 45 centimeters high, which represents a 36 inch screen in a borderless 11.5 kg frame. The images have a resolution of 960 × 540 pixels and are formed by tiny LEDs individually controlled.

Samsung The Wall

There are four standard sizes. The smallest (!) Is the 73-inch, which uses only four modules and has Full HD resolution, which would be unthinkable on a TV to be installed at home – the pixels must be the size of your eye. There are also 146 inch (4K), 219 inch (6K) and 292 inch (8K) versions.

The TV can display images in HDR10 + with a peak brightness of 2,000 nits, has 16 bits of color depth and a refresh rate of 100 or 120 Hz. specifications they even list the heat generation of each module, as well as the energy consumption, which reaches 170 watts per module or 464 watts per square meter. The 292-inch wall measures 6.5 × 3.6 meters, so it’s like keeping two electric showers and an air conditioner running around.

Samsung The Wall

And who will buy this business? Samsung says: “Sophisticated commercial spaces, such as luxury stores, car dealerships, stadium VIP cabins and hotel lobbies require distinct screens with features never seen before to create a feeling of luxury and leave customers with a positive feeling. At home, individuals with very high net worth want the newest and most exclusive products ”.

Can you imagine the cost of Samsung The Wall by looking at the price estimates for Sony’s MicroLED TV: according to AnandTech, a 220-inch model with 4K resolution from the Japanese manufacturer can cost US $ 720 thousand (R $ 2.95 million), while a 440-inch (8K) model is estimated at US $ 2.88 million (R $ 11, 8 million).

In other words, much more than the money you should be accumulating throughout your life.

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