Samsung signs patent for foldable Galaxy cell phone with S Pen

Samsung has filed a patent describing the use of a kind of Galaxy Z Fold with space for the S Pen. The document is dated April 2020 and can give tips for a new division of the Galaxy Note in a direction where the foldable cell phone really looks like a notebook.

Samsung's patent describes foldable Galaxy with S Pen (Image: reproduction / LetsGoDigital)

Samsung’s patent describes foldable Galaxy with S Pen (Image: reproduction / LetsGoDigital)

It is natural to look at foldable smartphones and imagine a notebook, allowing a number of possibilities when it is open – thinking of Samsung’s foldable type, which puts the folded screen inwards. The new patent, which is at WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office, in English), explores exactly this idea of ​​the lines above.

The design describes almost the same look as the Galaxy Z Fold 2, leaving aside only the space for the internal camera. The most important detail is that the patent separates a place to store the S Pen, more or less in the same way as it happens in all Galaxy Note.

Once out, the stylus can interact with the two parts of the folding screen, including passing through the middle – where the hinge is and which separates one side from the other.

Screen can get thicker on the foldable Galaxy with S Pen

One of the secrets of the great experience of using the entire S Pen is the technology used on the screen, which may not be as malleable as the Dynamic AMOLED of the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Even so, the patent says that the idea is the same and that may indicate that Samsung has found a way to keep the screen foldable, while adding an extra layer to the display to recognize the touch of the stylus

Rumors suggest that the screen thickness is twice as large in this model, a decision that may even give more resistance to the gagdet. This last detail is important, since folding screens, even with extremely thin glass technology at Samsung, are more fragile than conventional smartphone screens.

With information: MSPoweruser and LetsGoDigital

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