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Samsung’s advertisements have been criticizing Apple for removing the headphone jack on iPhones, and for adopting a notch on iPhone X. In early 2019, it deleted those YouTube ads. Then, on Wednesday (7), the company announced the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+, both with a hole in the screen and without the 3.5 mm connector.

Samsung Commercial

O Business Insider gathered some examples. One, called “Growing Up,” shows how using the iPhone became more complicated after removing the headphone jack, requiring dongles and accessories to work with traditional headphones. There are also people waiting in line for the iPhone X, including a guy with notch in his hair.

The video was published on YouTube in November 2017, and the Internet Archive last archived it in March 2019; after that, it appeared as unavailable on the Samsung US channel. The announcement is still available on the Samsung Malaysia channel.

In “Ingenius: Dongle”, a fictional Apple Store employee says the customer must use an adapter with their traditional headset. “But what if I need to charge the battery at the same time?”, He asks. The answer: “then you will need another type of dongle”.

The video was published in July 2018 on the Samsung US channel, and last filed on the Internet Archive in January 2019. There are some copies on YouTube, like this:

AND in the “Moving On” ad, an airline passenger suffers from the small battery of her iPhone, and sees a boy beside her watching a movie on the Galaxy S9 +; the headphone jack is highlighted. The ad criticizes the controversy about slowing down iPhones because of the battery.

In the end, two people appear with haircuts imitating the iPhone X notch. The video was published on YouTube in May 2018, and the Internet Archive last archived it in January 2019.

Samsung adopted on-screen notch and removed earphone jack

In late 2018, Samsung announced screens with different types of notch, including Infinity-O (hole in the screen), Infinity-U (drop) and Infinity-V. It also launched the Galaxy A8s without a headphone jack.

Then this year came the Galaxy S10 line with on-screen notch, including a dual front camera on the S10 + model. We also saw the Galaxy Fold for the first time; it has no 3.5 mm connector. The P2 entry is absent in some intermediaries, such as the Galaxy A60 and Galaxy A80; and on the Galaxy Tab S5e and Galaxy Tab S6 tablets.

And with the launch of the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+, we have two more devices without a headphone jack. Samsung says this has allowed the battery to be increased by 100 mAh and improved the tactile feedback engine. Both have Infinity-O notch on the screen. They come with a USB-C headset in the box, but without an adapter for 3.5mm headphones; the accessory is purchased separately.

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