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THE Samsung is betting on intermediary phones to reverse the fall in profits, so it retired the Galaxy J line and launched several models of the Galaxy A, including the A50 with a built-in digital reader and the A80 with a rotating camera. In addition, the company is preparing for new smartphones of this line in 2020, going from A11 to A91.

Samsung Galaxy A50

Samsung Galaxy A50

O Let’s Go Digital found that Samsung applied for registration with EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Institute) of nine brands: Samsung A11, A21, A31, A41, A51, A61, A71, A81 and A91. All are classified in the “smartphones and mobile phones” category.

Brands don’t include the term “Galaxy”, but that probably doesn’t mean much. Last year, the company registered the brands Samsung A10, Samsung A20 … Samsung A90, but markets devices in Europe such as Galaxy A10, Galaxy A20 etc.

Samsung A11 at EUIPO

Galaxy A line is designed for generation Z, says Samsung

The Galaxy A line is focused on the Z generation, which includes people born in the mid-1990s. DJ Koh, president of Samsung Mobile, says that this group of consumers “Will be responsible for 40% of the demand for mobile devices in the next decade”.

The company believes that these customers are moving from the “selfie era” to the “live era”; it is estimated that live video consumption is expected to increase by 870% by 2021, representing 78% of total mobile data traffic.

Therefore, Samsung’s strategy is to launch more colorful Galaxy A models with a focus on the camera, bringing some features that previously would be reserved for the top of the line, such as a digital reader under the screen or a triple camera at the rear.

There is also the Galaxy M line that competes for space with Xiaomi in India, and that is for sale in Brazil only on online channels. Samsung launched the Galaxy M10, M20 and M30; it is to be expected that it will have a Galaxy M11, M21 and M31 for 2020, but the company has not registered these marks – at least not yet.

With information: Let’s Go Digital, 360 Gadgets.

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