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Despite a series of difficulties, Samsung finally launched the Galaxy Fold. And the foldable phone, which was made available in South Korea and will be taken to more countries in the coming days, will have hundreds of apps adapted to your screen.

Samsung promises hundreds of apps optimized for the Galaxy Fold

In a statement, Samsung highlighted the work done with partners to arrive at an optimized experience for the Galaxy Fold. Google, for example, made changes to make Android support the features of the smartphone.

The operating system has been updated to allow applications to be easily scaled. He also received an update on his emulator for developers to see how their applications will look on the foldable phone.

Samsung claims that apps optimized for the Galaxy Fold will be available on the Google Play Store and the Galaxy Store. Among them are Facebook, Office365, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, Twitter, VSCO, iHeartRadio and App in The Air.

Interestingly, adapting Android to the Galaxy Fold was not Samsung’s biggest challenge. The company had to deal with design errors that were quickly noticed by journalists who received test units and forced it to postpone the launch of the device.

Some units showed black bands on the phone screen with few hours of use. In others, elevations appeared in the fold region. In some cases, the testers removed an important film for the functioning of the screen because they understood that it was an additional protection.

Samsung has made several changes and appears to have finally fixed these problems. The Galaxy Fold was launched in South Korea for the equivalent of US $ 1,980 directed to the United States. Already approved by Anatel, the smartphone may arrive in Brazil in the future.

With information: Samsung, The Next Web.

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