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Samsung announced in Brazil the launch of the POWERbot-E VR5000: it has a giant name and can easily be called just a robot vacuum cleaner that wipes. This is the second smart vacuum cleaner launched by the Korean company here, the first with a dual function.

Samsung robot POWERbot-e VR500

Samsung POWERbot-e VR500 (Image: Disclosure)

The vacuum cleaner does the basics that your older and much more expensive brother is capable of. Putting the details in a list, the VR5000 robot is able to walk around the house while collecting the dirt with a kind of brush at the bottom. The suction is aided by two other brushes that make the lateral dirt to be directed towards the central part.

Samsung says the POWERbot-E VR5000 robot can climb onto carpets, but it does not increase the suction power to pick up the deepest dirt. The gadget can also avoid obstacles such as walls, steps and other furniture, but it does not map the environment to clean more efficiently.

Samsung robot does not map, but knows how to walk alone

Even if the robot does not know the size and obstacles present in the environment in advance, it is possible to configure it in some paths. They include cleaning only the edges of the room, passing at random, circling around a point or moving in a zigzag pattern.

Samsung vacuum cleaner robot controlled by smartphone

Samsung vacuum cleaner robot controlled by smartphone (Image: Disclosure)

The adjustment of the functions can be done with a remote control or by the SmartThings app, as long as the robot is on a local Wi-Fi network. This same application can be used to schedule cleaning on specific days of the week and times.

After bringing dust and other debris into the internal compartment, the robot uses a cloth that is moistened from a small water tank. This is the cloth to finish cleaning the place and the liquid can be just water, or some product.

Battery life is just over two hours with the economy mode activated. When the charge is low, the POWERbot-E VR5000 is able to return alone to the base to be recharged.

Sought by Tecnoblog, Samsung claims that spare parts such as extra brushes or the air filter can be purchased from the manufacturer’s authorized service network. The cloth can be washed and reused by the user.

When and how much?

The Samsung POWERbot-E VR5000 robot vacuum cleaner is now available for sale in Brazil, with a suggested value of R $ 3,299.

With information: Samsung.

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